It is Meignanam Education Trust’s responsibility to ensure that the Peepal Prodigy School mission is appropriate, relevant and vital to all its students their families. The School Management Committee focuses on strategic direction and success of the School in fulfilling its mission, while leaving the School's daily operation to its Board of Directors and their Team. Members of the Board have a financial responsibility towards the School and to implement solid fiscal practices.


Peepal will be the school of choice offering a high quality child friendly, stress free schooling, recognized for excellence and for embracing pedagogy innovation.


To amaze the students through their accomplishments when they have a strong foundation of knowledge and feel confidence in their own abilities. Peepal inspires a passion for learning and empowers each child to take responsibility as an open-minded, self-enabled learner.


      Peepal will prepare our students for an ever-changing world by promoting the attributes of the CBSE learner, exploring multiple perspectives, providing opportunities to learn beyond textbooks, and embracing the world-leading best practices that prepare each child, uniquely, for success in their life-long learning journey.

      We believe that we can solve most of the school education challenges – big and small. At the same time, we are open, honest, and direct about the current problems in the sector.

      We recognize that no single person or idea can solve school education complex challenges and believe that people working together can create greater impact than any one individual or organization can accomplish alone.

People Focused
We keep the students, tutors, and parent society that we serve at the forefront of our work and we thoughtfully and responsibly steward the day to day operations to give an extraordinary schooling experience.

As to saying “Be the change you want to see” we believe in constantly learning and taking bold actions that create lasting, systemic change within school education, while abiding to all the byelaws of Central Board of Secondary Education and other Statutory bodies.

Management Team:
Kadirvel Subapillai - Founder Chairman
Villager / Visionary / Winner
Kumaraguru Kanagarajan (KG)– Founder Director
Business Analyst I World Traveller I Edupreneur
Shivapirakasan Kanakaraj – Founder Director
Business Analyst I World Traveller I Edupreneur
For More details, please write to or call us at +91 9585 400 900